Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Swedish for 'common sense'

My IKEA catalogue came in the mail today. Happy day! I would definitely live in an IKEA if I could. That would be wonderful, and I wouldn't go hungry! 
My future kitchen. I love the clean look of the white. Love, love, love. If only my pennies would turn into hundred dollar bills over night!

ps. the other day, I heard this song. Ikea by Jonathan Coulton. Genius.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

As Time Goes By

I feel like I have so many things to say. I missed a post yesterday, and feel like it has been an eternity since my fingers touched this keyboard. 
Yesterday was a very, very busy day. 
10:00 - Canadian Lit. midterm (better than the first, though my instructor still needs to prove to me she has a degree in teaching. I am having a hard time believing it)
12:00 - work (steaming, steaming, cleaning, steaming)
5:30 - come home, cook supper for mom and FHE potluck
7:00 - FHE (eat, laugh)
9:00 - Rook at Candi and Chantelle's with David (laugh, laugh, laugh, grape lady)
12:00 - Crash
I haven't had a day like that for months, so it was interesting. But a very good day.
I'll just skip to the good stuff now. Today is a very special day. Today we have reached a milestone -- a really big one! Justin has been on his mission for six months now! There were many times (more than I can count on my fingers and toes) that I was sure this day would not come. I remember reaching four months and feeling panicked because I didn't think it was possible for time to continue. I thought I was stuck. But, I wasn't. I'm not. Time is passing us by. Somedays it is very slow -- painfully slow. Somedays it is gone in a flash. But, time is still going. And in eighteen months, I get to see my handsome guy again. Oooh, I cannot wait!

Yep. I'm the lucky one. 
ps. thank you to my favourite sister, Marni for featuring me on her blog yesterday. Reading it was definitely a highlight of my day. And, the one day I don't post, she has to mention that I had been blogging every day since the beginning of January!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Cupcakes

I just discovered another wonderful cupcake blog, Frosted Happy (thanks to Laura). Pretty cupcakes, plus recipes. I'll have to find an excuse to make some. Any takers?

Cupcake kabobs! 
Whenever I look at fun ways to do cupcakes, I wish I had kids.
 I'd be the coolest mom that throws the best birthday parties. One day!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Ah, there's the rub"

Another (very long) day at work. Lots of clothes. Lots of steaming. Lots of folding. 
I have decided that I either need a husband or a personal masseuse, because my back is killing me and a massage would be really nice right about now. 
Why can't I live in a spa? 

ps. Candi, thinking about a massage made me think about a massage chair. I think you know where I'm going with that. Ha ha. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Working Girl

I had my first day back at work today! It was pretty good. I was so happy to see my co-workers again and see the pretty new store. After working at Reitmans for three and half years, I feel like I deserved this store makeover. It was a long day of unpacking clothes, and cleaning up but it means that in two weeks, I will have money in my bank account, so I can't complain. Hopefully I will still enjoy my job when we let people in the store.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Input, please!

Friends, I need your ideas. Within the next month, I need to send a package to my missionary. I've been neglectful (and lacking in funds), and I feel that he needs something. Plus, I have a job again, so I will have money! I need some ideas of what to get him. This month's package will be a small one, but I can always use ideas because I still have another eighteen months to go! Experienced missionary girlfriends, help!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Oh, is there a 'you're crazy team'? 'Cause I think they'd make you captain"

I love Gilmore Girls. A lot. I watched it the other day (a Dave episode!) and I thoroughly enjoyed it as I always do. I have seen every single episode at least twice. I know nearly all the episode titles of season three -- the Dave Rygalski season! And I know most answers on Jeopardy because I learned it on Gilmore Girls. I have had a fine education thanks to Amy Sherman-Palladino. Thank goodness for geniuses that send their ideas to the WB. 
Life's short. Talk fast.

ps. Marni, remember that I have a birthday coming up in a few months and am still in need of season two through seven. In case you forgot. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I was just reading a blog post about going on dates, and I realized that I miss going on dates! I miss doing my hair, buying a new outfit, and having my man come to the door, and whisk me away. Justin and I never went on super fancy dates, but they were always wonderful, because we were together. 
Sometimes I think I am wasting my money on clothes, because the only nice place I get to wear them is church. But, that is okay, because I like dressing up for church and just every day too. But, I miss having a reason, like a hot date, to use them! And I recently (a few months ago) bought a beautiful pair of red shoes that could use a night on the town. They just make it to church every few weeks. 
Don't get me wrong, I am not wanting to go on a date. I only want to go on dates with Justin. I just miss it.
On the bright side, I do know that I have a date in 556 days (give or take a few days). Oh, I cannot wait! 
One of my favourite dates with Justin. We went out for Chinese, then for a walk around Stony Plain. It was cold. But wonderful.
 556 days. 556 days. 556 days. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Looking Back on Today

The withdrawal is starting. Three days without basketball! But, thankfully I have had good things to keep me occupied. I didn't sleep in today, so I made to both classes, which was good. And I had time to look over a lot of notes for my Art History midterm next week. And, also I went to FHE tonight, and had a good time with Candi. Many laughs. Thank you, Candi. And of course, I got some e-mails and was online at the same time as Justin. Sadly, today was probably the last time we get to do that for a while since I go back to work on Friday. Yep! Back to work. Back to money in the bank! I am so happy that the last few months have gone by quickly enough that I didn't notice how skint I have become in my unemployed situation. Thank goodness to parents who don't charge me rent and pay for my food! (I love you mom and dad!)
Anyway, I love the beginning to a new week. Fresh start. Lovely. 

Blast from the past. This Candi and I at a family reunion in Utah. Almost six years ago! We were just babies! Always a fun time to be had when we get together.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Marshmallow Test

Today in Sunday School, the experiment with the kids and marshmallows was mentioned, and I told Candi how incredibly adorable it is, and promised that I would blog about it this week. So, Candi (and other friends), here you are. Enjoy!

So cute!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

An apple a day...

I have discovered -- actually rediscovered a great mid-afternoon snack! Apples with peanut butter. Sounds delicious, I know. It is! I get the sweet taste from the apple, and the peanut butter keeps my tummy satisfied until dinner. So good! And actually quite nutritious too! Hopefully my waistline will be happy with my decision to eat this yummy snack.  

Friday, March 19, 2010

Head Club

Lately, I've been a little bit obsessed with headbands, and hair accessories in general. I'm so glad that internet shopping was invented, because it helps me save money. I know that sounds a little backwards, but it's true. Because I can spend hours (yes, hours) shopping online, I am less likely to spend money because one: I don't like paying much for shipping or duty and two: I tend to do more research when I shop online rather than being the usual impulsive shopper that I am.
So, back to headbands. I love Forever21. A lot. But, manly just online. Because nearly every time I go to their store, it is filled with annoying thirteen year-old girls that get in my way. So, I am much happier to browse online. I am in love with a few of their headbands. Well, more than a few but some are higher on the love list. For example:
I love this one! So sophisticated (and pretty too!). 

I think this pretty red bow would be perfect with a simple dress, patterned tights and patent heels. Love!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Begin to Hope

Tonight, the missionaries came over for their weekly visit. Since the beginning of January, the elders in my ward have come to teach me a lesson every week. It's been a pretty neat experience, especially because as they teach me, I get to see what Justin is doing while he is serving in California. 
Today, our lesson was about hope. The elders shared this video with me. 

Such a powerful message!
On another note, I would just like to say that I am very pleased with the results of March Madness thus far! BYU had a very good -- though incredibly and tortuously intense -- game against Florida and Kentucky very successfully showed East Tennessee State who was boss. I think these next two weeks will be very enjoyable.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mother Mother

About a week ago, a girl that I went to school with said something on facebook about how she was often judged by her looks and many assumed she wasn't fit to be a mother. She is heavily tattooed and has many piercings. Then she made some comment about not wanting to be a "yuppy soccer mom". And I thought to myself, I want to be a soccer mom. And a basketball, volleyball, ballet mom -- whatever my kids want to do. Just not a hockey mom. I know that I have mentioned before that I am not ready for kids. I'm not. But, I don't think it's too soon to be thinking about what kind of mother I want to be. 
I want to be the kind of mom that reads to her children before they go to sleep. The kind of mom that will teach them to bake and cook, and how to tie their shoelaces. I want to be the kind of mom that will make crafts with her kids and have all of the important times -- and mediocre times -- captured on film and kept in a scrapbook. I want to be the kind of mom that takes her kids to the park, and teaches them how to read. I want to be the kind of mom that introduces her children to the wonderful Audrey Hepburn. I want to be the kind of mom that will play with her kids instead of placing them in front of the TV for eight hours of the day. The kind of mom that stays in love with her husband, and makes sure her kids know how much their parents love each other. I want to be the kind of mom that will be there for her kids when they get home from school. I want to be the kind of mom that will put my children as a priority. Essentially, I want to be like my mom. Even though she did not encourage me to do crafts (I'm a rebel), she was always there for me when I got home from school, ready to talk. My mom is amazing, and I love her very much. I look forward to the day when I get to be a mom and have a part of that miracle. I am so thankful for my mom, and for all of the mothers I have known in my life who have been wonderful examples to me. I know that I will be a better mother because of each of you. 
I love you, mom!

ps. Happy St. Patrick's day, friends! I hope you avoided pinching fingers today!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cheer it On

I don't have very much to say today, but I can tell you that I am so, so excited for Thursday! Why Thursday you ask? On Thursday, March Madness begins! Oooh, I am so excited for it to begin! I love college basketball. That may seem odd to some who know that I am not a huge sports fan like my sister or mom, but I do love college basketball (it definitely kicks NBA's pro-trash). Even though my team, Connecticut, will not be playing, I'm still excited to watch because Kentucky is in it, as well as California (so I have a west coast team to cheer for). Go Wildcats and Golden Bears!
Anyhow, Thursday, be here soon

Monday, March 15, 2010

All You Need is Love

Hello, another week! Man, I love Mondays! But, really I only like Mondays for one reason: e-mails! 
My e-mail came a little later than usual, but I was definitely not disappointed by it. I just happened to be on the computer while Justin was e-mailing. (Okay, it wasn't really an accident. I was waiting for him to be online). So, anyhow, we got to e-mail back and forth for a few minutes. I love being able to do that!
And in one the messages, he told me that he heard someone say the other day that things become stronger after a trial of it... for example, love becomes stronger after a trial of love. This is our trial of love. And I can already tell how strong it is becoming. 
Our friendship and love has become so strong over the past (almost) six months. Seriously. That may seem silly that I can grow to love someone more when they are so far away, but that's what is happening. Yes, it often sucks -- a lot! But, I love getting letters and e-mails and that I am experiencing everything with him. It's pretty exciting. Also, the reminder that I get to see him again in nearly eighteen months is pretty exciting too!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope your week is filled with love.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

I need a new bathing suit this summer and I'm so excited that I found some sites recently that offer modest swimwear! What a novel idea! But, the only problem is that they are all so cute! I want them all! So, friends, help me choose! Advice please.

Option number one:                                                                             Option number two:
"Rivera" from DownEast Basics                                                         "Courtney" from Lime Ricki 


Please, cast your votes! 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Show of handsome"

You must, must, must watch this video! Seriously. You will laugh. A lot. Enjoy a great combination of eye-candy and comedy. Love! (mostly because John Kransinki is in it)

Friday, March 12, 2010

"If I had a catch-phrase, it would be you're hired!"

Remember that dream I told you about last week? The one where they didn't hire me to be an EFY counsellor. It seems a little wishful thinking stopped that one from becoming a reality. This afternoon, I got the e-mail! It's like getting the 'big' envelope for university! I am so excited! Now, I just have some paperwork to send off to Provo, and the adventure begins. I am so excited. At first, I was really doubtful about whether or not I could do it, but I have a good feeling about it now. I should probably start sleeping an extra hour or two now though so I'll be caught up by the time August rolls around. 
I know that my experience as a counsellor will be very, very different than my experience as a participant (especially since I won't be meeting my 'futch' this time), but I am sure it will be great. I'm crossing my fingers for very well-behaved girls! 
Oh, I miss these days. Pictures with Carolyn. Holding onto Justin arm. Michael creeping in the background. Good times indeed.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

With a Little Luck

A few days ago, a friend of mine posted a very helpful tutorial to make a simple invite using Photoshop. So, I decided to make a card for my missionary to celebrate St. Patrick's Day next week. 

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have many pet peeves. Many, many. Too many to number. I'll just tell you one for the time being. Loud obnoxious laughter. I love a good, loud laugh. But not the strange hard laughs. You know what I mean. I had to experience it this morning on my way to school, and even after turning my music (it a Clash morning) up all the way, I still heard the haunting sound. It was awful. And then at institute I heard it again, but from a different source this time (double this time -- Marni, Candi you know what I mean). It makes me shudder to think about that. Like nightmares are on their way when I hear that awful noise. 
Anyway, this morning, going to school and hearing this horrendous sound I became very worried that maybe I have one of those laughs! What if people hate my laugh? It sounds okay to me, but maybe I'm just lulling myself into a false sense of laugh security and trying to protect my fragile ego. 
Friends, please reassure me! Is my laugh awful?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


It's nearly 11 o'clock and I should be peacefully dreaming right now. But, I feel the need to share some thoughts. Over the past few weeks, I have had a really hard time finding motivation. Motivation to get up to go to school. Motivation to work out. Motivation to make myself something healthy to eat. Motivation to do my readings for class. It's been hard, but I think I'm pushing through it. Yesterday morning, I decided I had to get up, and I was going to make it to Canadian Lit (even though I have a hate-hate relationship with it lately), and I did! Today I got up for my early class, though I wanted to stay in bed, and I wasn't late. I even finished a novel for Canadian Lit and enjoyed reading it! And, bonus! I made myself work out tonight. I kept putting it off, and putting it off, but I decided I needed to do it. I need to set goals for myself, and allow myself to reach them. I feel very good right now, and I am happy with the choices I made today (minus a few of my food choices -- that will be addressed tomorrow). I am so lucky to have all of the resources I do. I am lucky. I really should remember that more often!

Anyway, happy Tuesday, friends!
 I hope you did something that made you feel good today.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Classic veggies

Tonight for dinner, I made asparagus with zucchini and "SideKicks" on the side. Yummy! I love asparagus. A lot. I seriously think it is one of the classiest vegetables. Put it on your plate, and it adds an instant touch of glamour. And, the taste is pretty wonderful too. This pretty green vegetable is always topping my charts.

Mmm, mmm good!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Another Sunny Day

Another Sunday with some good sunshine! Two weeks in a row without a jacket. I must be dreaming. If I am, please don't wake me up! 
By the way, how cute is this little number from eShakti? (I just discovered this site last night, and I love it!)
Perfect for a spring evening with a pair of boots and a bright cardigan. Or even a lazy summer day with a cute pair of gladiator sandals or flip flops. This one just made my (very long) wish list!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

One for the Kids

Today I had the opportunity to watch my cousin's four children in Cardston while my family was at the temple. I love these kids to death. They are each fiercely independent with a personality to match. Spending the day with them made me thankful for a few things. One: they are not my children. I don't mean that in a bad way. I just mean it in the sense that I am far too young to have children and I am grateful I still have time before that miracle is a part of my daily life. Two: when I do have kids one day, they come one at a time (hopefully!), and they start out small without running legs. Three: I love my family! I am so blessed to have such a large extended family. I really do love these kids a lot.
So, here is what happens when four kids under the age of seven get a hold of my camera:
Beautiful B. Surprise that she wasn't screaming "No pictures! No pictures!" this time. 

Crazy Cam. Get this one giggling, and it's pretty difficult to put an end to it!

Mr T. Oh, the energy that this boy has! If only I could bottle it up and have a little sip once a week I'd be good to go!

J-Man. The melter of hearts. One look from this kid, and I go gooey. 

See, it's hard not to love this kids with faces like this. Definitely faces more than just their mother could love.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Paris When it Sizzles

A few months ago, I discovered Haven in Paris through Joanna at A CUP OF JO. And I am in love! Seriously. Take a look at this fabulous Parisian apartments. I am so looking forward to the day when we are rich and can afford to rent a flat in Paris for the week. A girl can dream!
slideshow image

slideshow image
I think when my heart jumps up at down looking at these beautiful pictures is my body's way of telling me I must go here!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

It's a Girl!

It happened! Jim and Pam Halpert had their baby! I've been waiting for this moment since the end of season five. (By the way, in case you don't know, Jim and Pam are characters on the show, The Office). Yes, I am aware that Jim and Pam are not real people, but I consider them a part of my TV family -- which also consists of the Gilmores, Keatons, Stevens' and the Cunninghams. 
Welcome to my TV family, Cecilia Marie. 

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dreams Be Dreams

I just remembered the outcome of one of my dreams last night. 
First a little background. A few months ago, I was excited to announce that I applied to be an EFY counsellor. That was over three months ago. I had to wait a very, very long time to have my interview, but finally the day came last Friday -- which happened to be my busiest day that month! After the interview we (it was a group interview. Interesting experience) were told that it would take two to four weeks to find out if we would be hired. So, I am kind of impatiently waiting to hear the news. Now, back to dreams. During one of my dreams last night, I checked my e-mail and found out that I wasn't hired for this summer. I was kind of bummed, and when I woke up I thought it had happened. Today, I am hoping that not all dreams come true! Keep your fingers crossed! I will be.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Need a laugh? Watch this video. Last January, for my Papa's 80th birthday, we had a big party complete with helium-filled balloons. Papa sent Justin and I home with a car filled with balloons. So, we needed to use them up, and here's how we (or Justin, really) did it. Enjoy. I know, I did.

"Run, run, run away"

Yesterday afternoon, I went for a (very quick) run! It was fantastic. I needed to get outside and start running again! It has been far too long, and today my body is feeling it. Sometimes, the body aches can be quite a pain. But, over the years I have realized that that soreness means I did something good, and the trick is to keep going day after day instead of just giving up. Hopefully my body and I will be friends again soon!

post script: looking for a good power song? Check out Yeah Yeah Yeahs. "Heads Will Roll" is my new favourite. 

Monday, March 01, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Thank goodness for moisturizer with SPF! I have been getting my fair share of vitamin D as of late and it is fabulous! I didn't wear a jacket to church yesterday, and today the sun was up and smiling when I woke up. It's hard to be a in a bad mood when the sun is up like this! Spring truly is just around the corner! But, a small part of me is still unfortunately prepared for winter to rear its ugly head back and show me who's boss. I've lived in Alberta too long to think winter is over at the first sign of melting snow. However, I am going to enjoy the blessing of sunshine and fleeing snow while I can!
Are you filling up your sunshine cup? Do it quick before it's too late!