Thursday, December 20, 2012

Surprising inspiration

This past week, I have been rereading one of my favourite books, Little Women. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and found so many little treasures within it that I have never noticed in my many previous readings (I've been reading it since I was eight).
This morning, I came across a passage that blew me away.
Marmee says to Jo,

"My child, the troubles and temptations of your life are beginning and may be many, but you can overcome and outlive them all if you learn to feel the strength and tenderness of your Heavenly Father as you do that of your earthly one. The more you love and trust Him, the nearer you will feel to Him, and the less you will depend on human power and wisdom. His love and care never tire or change, can never be taken from you, but may become the source of lifelong peace, happiness, and strength. Believe this heartily and go to God with all your little cares, and hopes, and sins, and sorrows, as freely and confidingly as you come to your mother."

How amazing is that? Now I know why the Prophet and Apostles counsel us to read good books along with our scriptures. Good books can uplift us, and make us want to be better. I had no idea when I started reading this morning that I would find inspiration reading from the words of my friend, Louisa May.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Secret Santa

I have a tip for you.
Pay attention.
Trust me, this is gold.
If you are home alone, waiting for the husband to get home for work, and the doorbell rings, answer it. Really, truly, I kid you not. Blessings await you once you open that door.
On Monday night, I was hanging out in bed, eating crackers and watching episode upon episode of Parenthood on Netflix. I had just finished two exams that morning and afternoon, so I was definitely enjoying the time to relax. I was expecting my dear husband, Christopher to be home from work any moment. It was nearly 10:30 and the doorbell rang. I wasn't sure if it was for us, or our neighbour upstairs, but I decided to check it out anyhow. I opened the door, and there were two people at the door. I recognized the girl (because I'm the person that knows who other people are, but no one knows who I am), but didn't know them personally. They asked if we were the Craigs, and handed me a Christmas present. I awkwardly said thank you and wished them a Merry Christmas, and headed back downstairs to see what was wrapped inside the tiny gift. To my amazement (and still writing this I am not believing it), there were $200 in giftcards (for groceries, dinner and movies). I was so excited when Christopher walked in the door and I got to tell him the good news.
We are so blessed. We wish we knew who was our Secret Santa, but they obviously wanted to be anonymous, and that's okay. It is so humbling to know that somebody loves us and is thinking of us. The blessings just keep coming, and coming.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Kristi's Picks: Heaven is Here

The other day, a friend commented on one of my book recommendations and asked me to give more, so I thought I would do just that. Welcome to a new feature of the blog: Kristi's Picks. Though I haven't read anything but stuff for school this semester, when I am not in school, I love to read as much as possible, and working in bookstore makes that pretty easy! I read some really good books earlier this year, so that is where I will start with my recommendations. 

One of the best books that I read this year was Heaven is Here written by the lovely and inspiring Stephanie Nielson (of NieNie Dialogues). I loved reading this book so much. It was written so beautifully, and so honestly. The whole time I was reading it, I was either smiling or crying. I love how Stephanie totally understands her role as a women, wife and mother. Do yourself a favour and read this gem. I promise, if you have a beating heart, you will not regret it.
Heaven Is Here: An Incredible Story Of Hope, Triumph, And Everyday Joy

Monday, November 19, 2012


Another eleven days, and November will be over with. Can you believe it? This year is going by so quickly!
November brings with it many things. From colder temperatures to poppies to stress over term papers. And of course, moustaches. Throughout this month, I have seen many a mo' and heard many women complain about the creepy 'staches, or as Erin Hannon says, "it looks like there's an eyebrow in the middle of your face".
I am not a fan of moustaches, not even the classic Selleck. But, though it may make some men a little hard to look at for a month, I think Movember is worth it.
Last year, my brother, David decided to support the cause of Movember and raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. I was touched by this, even though I prefer a beard over a moustache any day. I have known a few people in my life that have suffered from cancer, and many others who have had their own friends or family suffer from cancer. In fact, my own Papa had prostate cancer (though I didn't find out until about 10 years after the fact). Thankfully they were able to detect it early, and it was treated.
So, because of the great cause that is Movember, I choose to ignore the ugly "eyebrows in the middle of your face". And I hope that you will do the same!
To learn more about the Movember Campaign, go here . And, you can help my brother David raise money, here. Or give the money to someone you know that is raising money for this great cause.
It's only 30 days ladies, I think we can deal with it.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

My mom, as most parents do, has passed down some traits to me. Though sometimes I wish that she had passed down certain traits, like her ability to be her own person without comparing herself to others, or her selflessness, especially with her family and with her callings. But, thankfully she did pass on a few good things to me. I think my favourite is an ability to bake, and also a love of baking. I can't imagine being a wife or a mother without being able to bake. As far as I'm concerned, houses are supposed to smell like muffins, cakes and cookies.

(The banana muffins I made tonight. Such a delightful smell!)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Lessons Learned

Once again, running has taught me something about life.
On Saturday morning, I competed in a 5K race. Sure, that may not sound like a big deal. This was my third race (the first I've done in over a year), and I am not a stranger to running. However, this race was unlike any other I have competed in.
That morning, Christopher and I were up and ready to go just after 7:00 am so that we could make a stop and Walmart to get some gloves for me and gloves and a toque for Christopher. The forecast had said all week that there would be chance of snow, but I prayed and prayed the night before and that morning that that wouldn't happen. I love to run, but not in the winter. I am strictly a spring/summer/fall runner and avoid running in the winter at all costs. As we drove, I could see snow flying around, and I just kept thinking "I can't do this in the snow!" When we got to the park, the snow had stopped momentarily, but the cold was definitely still around. I felt good, and just wanted to start running so my body would be warm. When the race started, I was got into my zone so to speak, and went for it. As it went on, the wind and snow were in my face, and didn't really seem to stop until I got to the halfway point -- or maybe it stopped slightly after that, I don't quite remember. Anyhow, as I was running into the wind and snow, I thought about how I had prayed that we would have good weather. But, we didn't. I could have thought of this as Heavenly Father not answering my prayer, but then I realized that He answered it in another way. He gave me the strength to get through it, despite what was going on around me.
I find this happens a lot in life. I pray for Heavenly Father to take away a trial that I am facing, but instead He provides me with strength (either my inner strength, or strength from someone around me) so that I can continue on, even when the trial is swirling around me like the cold snow.
I was able to finish the race, and even beat my best time.

Oh, and I feel like I need to clear something up. I'm not a good runner. I'm slow. Like really slow. And it's rare that I reach my goal of three runs of 3-4 miles a week. I feel like some of my previous posts made me seem like a more diligent runner than I am. But, I am working on it! Christopher and I plan to run this same race next fall, and I'm hoping he'll join me for some summer races as well. I really want to do at least one 10K next year, so I better start my training now! I think I am going to be a treadmill runner for the next few months, unless we get some sunny days on the plus side.

Friday, October 26, 2012


I am laying here in bed, next to me sweet, softly snoring husband and my heart is just full of gratitude and love. I realize that I am so lucky to have all that I do.
I complain so much about the year left that I have of school, and the fact that I have been in university for my sixth year now, and will only have one degree to show for it, not two like some people I know. But, the truth is, those extra years that I have taken to finish my degree have been the years where I have really found myself, and I have overcome so much and been able to see how much interest my Heavenly Father really has in my life.
I complain about our tiny basement suite, and how we don't have enough space or a dishwasher, or enough closet space or freezer space. But the fact is, we have a home. We have a roof over our heads every night. We have clothes to wear, and food to eat.
I could go on. I have so many blessings. I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband that supports me in all that I do, or want to do. He is my rock, and I can't imagine my life without him. Actually, I can imagine it. I've lived it, and it's pretty bleak. I am so thankful for everything that Heavenly Father has given me. I really don't feel like I deserve it, but I will take whatever He will give me, and try to do my best with it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We love to see the temple

While the new Calgary temple was open for public tours, I was able to go twice. I first went with my mom, sister, Joey, Granny, Papa, and my Uncle Mac and his family. It was really special being there with my family, and I was so amazed by everything. I thought about Christopher the entire time I was there, and couldn't wait to go with him. We were able to make time to go together last Wednesday afternoon. Christopher was able to finish his lab early, and picked me up from school while I had a four hour break in between classes. We were lucky to be able to go while the East Stake was working. It was so nice to see people that we know and don't get to see very often now that we have moved to the North Stake. Thankfully we came at a less busy time, so we were able to go into a room right away to begin our tour. From the beginning of the video, I was so full of the spirit, and my eyes were tingling with tears. I love hearing about the temple, and seeing the temple, and being in the temple. So yes, it was a wonderful experience.
Every single room is so beautiful, and I just felt so much love there. I kept thinking about our wedding, and the wonderful day that that was, especially as we stood in the Celestial Room and the Sealing Room. I was just so overwhelmed with love for my husband, my family, my future family, and my Heavenly Father.
I still can't believe that we have a temple in Calgary! I never thought that we would. I am so excited to go to the dedication on Sunday, and keep going back as much as we possibly can!
I love the temple!

It was a super windy day!

My cute husband being silly.

Me + my husband + the temple = happiness

Monday, October 22, 2012

Friday Night Thoughts

There are a few things I need to write about, but before I talk about a few of the day to day things, and our experience at the temple open house last week, I need to share an experience I had on Friday night.
As I pushed through the last half mile of my run, after running up a hill - not steep, but still not friendly, Coldplay's "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" began to play. I turned it up, willing it to envelope my tired body and allow me to continue what I set out to do forty minutes earlier. As the song pulsed through my body, I began to cry. I actually cry quite often when I run. I'm not always certain why. But that night, it was for a very specific reason. I realized that night that it doesn't matter that I had my slowest run in two months. I was taking care of my body. Something I am doing not only for myself, but for my future children that I will eventually have. As I continued on, waiting for the song to be over, and the voice in my ears to tell me I had reached 3.5 miles, I thought back to a song I had listened to while I ran on Monday night. It was Florence + the Machine's "The Dog Days are Over". Part of the chorus says "run fast for your mother and fast for your father / Run for your children, for your sisters and brothers". And I began to basically sob. I learned at a young age that my body is a gift and a temple, and I should take care of it. But since I have been married, and even a little bit earlier, I have thought very carefully about the children that Christoper and I will bring into the world. As a woman, it is my responsibility to carry those children in my body and then care for them after they are born. I want to give them the best home from the very beginning, so that is why I run. That is why I try to eat the right things and just generally keep my heart healthy. As I started my cool down walk home, I walked past my dream house. This house is so beautiful outside, and this time, the lights were on, so I took a peak and saw that the kitchen is basically my dream kitchen as well. I could picture my future little family there, having dinner or something. I just had so much gratitude in my heart for what my Heavenly Father was able to teach me that night. I am so grateful for my knowledge of His plan and that I can one day have a family of my own. I love that I am a woman and I will get the chance to see my potential in some small way as a mother one day. 

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I promise we are still alive!

September was such a busy, busy month! Christopher and I both started another semester of school. So far, so good. Christopher is such a smarty pants and loves what he does. I'm so happy he was able to find something that he loves to do. Though he loves school, he is looking forward to graduating in May and getting a job in his field. When he's not in school, he is working at Shaw. Right now, he's been working five nights a week. It makes for long days, and less time with me, but we know that it will be worth it in the end.
This semester has been okay for me so far. I am taking five classes right now (a challenge, since I've been taking three classes for the last two years). I really wanted to be able to graduate this year, so I had to take on a full course load. Every day my attitude towards school changes. Sometimes I love it, and others I loathe it and want to quit. But then I remind myself (or my husband reminds me) that I am so close to my goal and I just have to keep going. My favourite courses this semester are Abnormal Psychology (learning about mental disorders -- a passion of mine), and Italian. Italian has been a challenge, because I learned French at a young age and find myself wanting to say things in French rather than Italian. But, I am really enjoying learning something new.
It's been a struggle to keep up with school, work (still working part-time at Chapters), spending time with my husband, and the house work. I really feel a huge responsibility to keep our home clean. I hate having a messy house, because that seems to mess up all other aspects of my life. Finding a balance is something I am working on daily, and something I hope I can get a better handle on soon.
If you have suggestions, I am willing to here them!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Turn on the Bright Lights

Last Friday, Christopher and I headed down to Elliston Park for the annual Global Fest. For those who don't know, Global Fest, is a yearly event that showcases different  cultures from food to dancing and ends with a spectacular show of fireworks, presented by a different country every night.
Last year, we got passes, so that we could go every night, but this year we were only able to pick one night to go. We chose to go the night of the USA fireworks. And we were definitely not disappointed! We got to the park later than we normally would, and it was packed! But, thankfully we were able to find a decent spot to await the light show. My dear husband was kind enough to go wait in line for mini donuts (my favourite part, besides the actual fireworks), while I watched our blanket. While we waited for the fireworks to start, we watched some episodes of Spider-Man (yep, the good ol' 1994 version we grew up watching), and tried our best to ignore the never-ending speeches that no one actually listens too -- seriously! can you not just say "thanks everybody who helped"?
I love fireworks, especially when they are choreographed with music. I am always so amazed at what they can do. I get completely lost in them, amazed by colours and sounds. And, to add to that, is the perfection of being snuggled next to the love of your life. Really, watching fireworks is the perfect way to fall in love (because, really I am continually falling in love, every day).
We're excited to go again next year. It looks like we already have a family tradition!

Mini donuts, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Seriously, the show was spectacular. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Run For Your Life

Yesterday afternoon before work, I went for a jog. It was the second jog in two weeks, and the longest since early spring. I am always amazed that my legs still work after months of not working out on a regular basis. I didn't have a plan of where to go (since I don't know our neighbourhood very well yet), so I just ran, and ran. It wasn't my best run, but it was a good one. I know a lot of people run because they know that it is good for them, or they like the benefits, or because they are training for a race. But I run because I love it. Really, truly. I'm not lying. Running not only provides me with the best exercise, it gives me some time to think, reflect on my life, realize the blessing of having a healthy body, and yesterday it gave me the chance to explore my neighbourhood -- which is actually really nice.
Now I just need to make exercise a priority again. If I don't do it now, by the time school comes around in September, I'll never get into the habit.
For me, getting back into the habit of exercise isn't the easiest thing. Though, I am lucky that there are some things that I actually love doing, like running and yoga. I'm so glad that I have been able to enjoy those two, otherwise I would be a very unhappy, unhealthy woman.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Remember that time where I grew out my hair for basically three years? Yeah, that was a long time. In the last year, the only motivation I really had for keeping my hair long was so that I could have long hair when I got married. So, once I was married, I felt the need for a change. I changed my name, so I thought I should change my hair too.
The day after Christopher and I got back from our honeymoon, I made an appointment to get my hair cut that day. I knew that if I waited, I would go back on my decision, and I didn't want to do that.
It took me a little bit to get used to the fact that my hair was so short -- shorter than I had seen it for three years, but within a day I really grew to love it. It might have had a bit to do with the fact that I like my hair so much better when I do it myself -- I don't even like getting it done at a salon, it never seems to fit right with my face. Or it may have had a little to do with the fact that Christopher would get a big grin on his face when he saw me, because he loved my hair so much. Yeah, that was a nice perk.
So, it's been three weeks, and I definitely love it. It took me two weeks to let my hair go naturally curly though, because I was scared of how short it was when it wasn't straight. I do miss the versatility of long hair, but I think this cut suits me better right now. We'll see how long I can keep it this short and still love it!
Oh, did you want to see a picture? You probably did. Here you go!

Thursday, August 09, 2012


I don't know how it happened, but my sweet little nephew, Joey, turned one this past Saturday.
I remember the first time I found out that my sister was pregnant. I cried, because one of my biggest dreams was coming true. And the first time I held Joey in my arms was amazing. He was three days old when I met him, because I was working as a counselor at EFY when he was born. It was torture waiting those three days, but it was well worth it.
Since that Sunday morning, Joey has become so important to me. He is my best little buddy and always warms my heart. He is the favourite among my family, in my sister's ward, and makes strangers stop to say, "Oh, he's so cute!". Joey knows he is cute and knows how to work a crowd.
From his first few weeks, it was obvious that he had a great personality, and now that he is getting older, he shows even more.
I will save the party recap for Marni. But suffice it to say, Joey is a well loved kid with wonderful parents who know how to throw a party!

I love you little man! Thanks for making my life better!

Friday, August 03, 2012

Home is where the heart is

First, you may have noticed that I changed the address and title of this blog. I wanted it to reflect what my life is now -- what our life is now. Though I doubt Christopher will be adding much or anything to the blog, I wanted to make him feel included, so that is why I've changed the title to "Our Little Corner of the World". I will do my best to keep this blog up to date with our lives, but I promise not to overshare. I am not a fan of oversharing, and want to avoid that as much as possible.
This week, Christopher and I had fewer hours at work, so we were finally able to unpack everything and clean. It's so nice not having to walk around or over boxes just to get to some food, or to the computer. Finally, we have a home!
There are still a few areas that need a little work, but finally things are working.
Next on my list of things to figure out is meal planning so that our lives when we are back in school this fall will be easier.
And yes, I do still love being married. Best. Decision. Ever.

Friday, July 27, 2012

I'll still love it

Three weeks of being married, and guess what? I still love it!
Earlier this week, a co-worker of mine asked me how married life was after being two weeks into it. I told him that I love it, to which he replied, "come talk to me in twenty years", and I just said, "I will still love it". But really, why would I get married if I didn't know that I would still love it twenty years from now. Yes, I know that there will be many challenges that will come our way, but one thing that I have learned in my short time of being married, is that I don't have to face these challenges alone. If we work together, we can get through anything. I know that any trial that we have had to face in the last twenty-one days of marriage are minuscule compared to whatever will come our way later, but I don't think that the team work hat we have accomplished in the last bit should be diminished just because we are still young, naive newly weds.
I know that I can take whatever comes our way because I will have my very best friend with me every step of the way, holding my hand. I am certainly the luckiest.

Friday, July 20, 2012

"I'm sadie, sadie, married lady"

Hello, friends! After a very long absence, I am back and ready to blog away.
On July 6, my love, Christopher and I were sealed for eternity (I don't think there is a more beautiful phrase, do you?) in the Cardston Temple. It was the perfect day. We had close friends and family there to share our day and the sun was out with not a bit of wind (a miracle in Southern Alberta!).
I am so excited to see all of the photos from my favourite photographer, my brother David. I've seen a few, and they are beautiful.
So, I've been a married lady for two weeks and it has been wonderful. I am amazed that I love him more and more each day. I am so excited to see what our future together will bring.

Friday, May 11, 2012


The wedding plans are still going well. It has been really nice to cross things off my list as the day approaches. I finally finished the invites this past week and I am so in love with them. As I was addressing and stuffing envelopes the other day, it made me realize that this is happening. I am getting married, and I am so thrilled. I can't imagine anything better than spending all my days with my Christopher James.
Besides being a little too gushy, I wanted to share some of our photos from our engagement shoots with one of my favourite photographers, my brother David (see his website here and his blog here). David was so great. Our first session didn't turn out as expected, due to limited time and chilling temperatures, so David was generous enough to offer Christopher and I another opportunity to snap some shots. We had a great time and got a good mix of silly, serious, and lovey shots.

Friday, April 20, 2012

One day it will be funny

Sometimes in life, there are moments that are not funny in the moment, but you know that at some point in the future, it will be funny.
I had one of these moments a few months ago. It was a quiet Sunday evening and Christopher and I were at my house watching a movie. When it was time for him to go home, I got up to blow out the candles that I had lit, and he says to me, "Sweetie, come here before you do that." Unsure of what he wanted, I walked over to him and he places my hands in his, gets down on one knee and says, "Kristi Beth, will you go to Sweethearts with me?" Yep, that's right. I'm fake proposal girl! In that moment, I actually thought that he was popping the question for real, and I think I almost cried. Needless to say, I did not think this was funny, though Christopher did. Looking back on it now, it is actually funny, but it took me a long time to get to that point. Thankfully he made up for it a month later by popping the question for real.
I guess this is one of those moments that I should remind myself of in the future when life presents me with obstacles that I should be able to laugh at later on. Maybe it would be better if I loosened up a little bit and laughed at the things that make me feel so far from anything resembling laughter.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One month

I have been engaged for a month. A month. In some ways, it feels like it just happened yesterday. And in others, it feels like we have been engaged forever! The latter is actually kind of true. Christopher and I have been talking about getting married since July (I know, super soon after we started dating), and have been really serious about it since the end of October. So, in my mind we have been engaged this whole time. I think that's why things have been going pretty smoothly in the planning department (with a few glitches here and there -- but that is to be expected). 
Now that I have my dress picked out, my bridesmaids dresses ordered, honeymoon is booked, our engagement photo shoot done (at least part one of possibly two), I feel like there isn't much we have to do right now. Obviously we need to get our invitations out, but we still have a couple of weeks to do that.
Some of you may be coming here to see details of my wedding planning. But, I can't divulge that information yet. For some reason, I feel really private about my wedding details. Maybe it's because I want my wedding to be unique to me and Christopher, or maybe because I don't want people to come to the reception and think "Oh, I saw all of this on the blog or Pinterest". 
I promise that as I get things together for the wedding, I'll post little hints of details.
But, I can tell you one thing. I will be a very happy bride.
Every moment that I get to be with Christopher, I think about spending eternity with him and I just feel so peaceful and calm. But excited too. 
I can't wait to be Mrs. Craig!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Marriage thoughts

For the past six months or so, I've been thinking about marriage very seriously. Christopher and I discussed marriage very early in our dating, and I wanted to be very clear with myself about what I wanted out of a marriage and what I would need to do to accomplish that.
I read many scriptures, listened to talks, observed relationships of those newly married and those married for twenty plus years. I also did a lot of thinking and pondering. I read my patriarchal blessing. I prayed.
Through this study, I was able to learn a few things.
First, I wanted to marry for love. I know that love is not the only reason to get married (my mom has reminded me of this very often), but I think that it has to be the starting place. I wanted a love that would be able to sustain me and my husband, and our future family. I do believe that "all you need is love". But, this love has to be a selfless love, and enduring love.
Second, I wanted my marriage to be a partnership. The scriptures talk a lot about this, and I receive so much comfort as I read scriptures that talk about husband and wife being "one flesh", a "help-meet" and equal in their relationship.
Third, I want an enjoyable marriage. I want to smile, and laugh every day. I want others to see that I love my husband and he loves me. I have been spoiled with great examples of marriage. My parents have been married for nearly thirty years (in September) and they still have fun together. I know that they love each other. They are best friends, and I love that. My Granny and Papa are also a really good example to me. They have been married for 58 years and are probably the cutest couple (I will relinquish the title for them). They are a team.
Fourth, I want a marriage that lasts. I know that marriage isn't always easy. But I'm pretty sure it's worth it. I want my marriage to last forever. I can't imagine it any other way.
I recently read an article in a magazine where the interviewee, Alison Brie (of "Community") was talking about her thoughts on marriage. She said that she never pictured herself getting married and then said that "our parents", meaning our generations parents got married because they "were supposed to". My immediate thought was, my parents got married because they loved each other.
I have never seen marriage as simply an answer to society's pressure. Marriage is not simply a fun thing to do. Marriage is a serious deal. And I am so excited to make that deal for good. I can't wait to have the happiness of being married to my best friend.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Questions & Answers

Lita tagged me, so I am doing this. Enjoy learning a little bit about me.

The Rules
1. Post these rules
2. Post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions provided by the person who tagged you
4. Create 11 questions for the people you tag
5. Tag 11 people
11 Random Things
  1. I am a planner. I like to know what is going to happen, when it is going to happen, and what I can do. For example, since I was little, I have had names picked out for my future children. These names have changed over the years, but I have always had a list. I have also had a general list for what my life will be. And don't get me started on my wedding planning! My family and friends have had to suffer through my endless questions of "will this go with this?" "will this song work?" "is that too formal?" "is that too casual?" "how about this dress?" "these shoes?" "how much will that make?" "how much will that cost?"... it goes on and on. 
  2. I have recently learned that I am a control freak. When I revealed this to my mother recently, she said "you didn't know?" 
  3. Just like people crave food, I often crave music. Sometimes, I just really need to hear The Smiths, or Florence + the Machine, or The Beatles. And I can't stop thinking about it until that glorious music seeps into my ears and I am satisfied. 
  4. I know the exact day that I knew without a doubt that I would marry Christopher. I can still remember that moment, and every time I do, my eyes start to water and my heart begins to beat a little quicker. 
  5. Even though I am a planner, I am also a procrastinator. I procrastinate daily. It's a real problem. I'll fix that eventually...
  6. Since living away from home, I have become a bit of a clean freak -- not insane, but I do like to have things cleaner than I did when I lived at home. That's not to say that everything is always clean in my house. For instance, right now my laundry is only half done, there are dishes in the sink, and I have a messy room. However, I am much happier when things are clean. 
  7. I love my nephew, Joey so much. For about ten years, I have bugged my sister about having kids. I know that ten years ago Marni was not old enough to have kids, but I wanted her to know that I expected her to provide me with nieces and nephews before I had my own children. I consider Joey a test for my future kids. That little boy lights up my life like no other. 
  8. I like washing dishes. Yeah, I'm a bit of a freak. 
  9. As much as I love Calgary, and it is my home, I really want to live somewhere else. I'm hoping that within the next five years or so, Christopher and I can live somewhere else, even if it's just for a few months. 
  10. I love yoga. Taking yoga classes this last semester has seriously changed my life, much like rediscovering running changed my life a few years ago.
  11. I don't like uneven numbers. It actually bothers me a tad that there are eleven questions and not ten or fifteen -- but not enough to make me hyperventilate or anything. I promise I'm not crazy. 
11 Answers
1. Who is your inspiration and why?
My inspiration comes from many sources. One is the lovely Audrey Hepburn. I love her style, her movies and just everything about her. But, more importantly, my inspiration is my mother. My mother is so selfless, but not in a way that makes me feel bad -- not sure if that makes sense. My mom does what she does for our family because she loves us, and I know that. Planning my wedding has allowed me to see that even more. Both she and my dad love me so much and want the best for me, and would do anything in there power to see that I get the best. I want to be that kind of person.
2. If you could live anywhere, where would that place be?
I've always had a bit of an obsession with California. I always thought it would be wonderful to live there. Or New York. Or London. Or Paris.
3. If you had to pick a new name (and you have to) what would it be?
I used to think about this all the time when I was younger. When I was about nine or ten, I didn't like my name very much and wanted to change it. I originally wanted to go by Beth, which is my middle name. Then I considered June, because I was born in June (I know now that I am so not a June!). I love my name now though and would never want to change it. But, if I had to (which apparently I do now), I would chose Summer. I've always loved the name Summer. Or Kate. But really, I'm a Kristi. 
4. So you have anamorph powers (you can transform into any animal) what would it be?
Weird question. Maybe a bird. Then I could fly. That would be pretty okay. 
5. Favorite dish?
Chicken with tomatoes, zucchini and olives. Get the recipe here.
6. If you could play a part in any movie ever made, what character would you be?
Jo (Audrey Hepburn) in Funny Face. Being a model in Paris, while Fred Astaire dances for me? I think so!
7. What do you struggle with?
Motivation. Going for what I want and forgetting about rejection and failure. 
8. Dream vacation?
Anywhere with my love. But, if I am even more honest, I would say a trip to Europe with stops in Italy, France, England, Scotland, and Greece. 
9. Tell me one of your most vivid childhood memories?
I actually have a lot of these. One that just popped into my head was my first nose bleed. I was about six or seven and I went over to my neighbours house. We were playing in their backyard with their dog, Shadow. Shadow jumped up and hit me in the nose. It hurt, but I didn't think any damage had been done. We went back home shortly because I was supposed to go to a baby shower with my mom, and I remember walking down the hall, and feeling like I had a runny nose, but when I went to the bathroom, and looked in the mirror, I saw that my nose was bleeding. That was only one of two nose bleeds in my life. I have been pretty sheltered, I know.
10. If you were forced to live in another time period, what would it be?
The 1940s or 1950s. Best fashion this world has seen yet. 
11. Which Disney princess are you and why?
I would say Belle, only because when I was little I totally identified with her having brown hair and a deep love for literature. I even used to play Belle when I would play make believe games when I was little. I would go outside and pick up the weeds with the dandelion seeds (I can't think of what they're called) and I would react that scene where she does that and sings, before (or after.. I forget) Gaston comes to propose to her. You know what scene I'm talking about. 

I don't have any questions for you. And I think everyone that I would tag was already tagged.
So, hopefully you learned something about me. If nothing else, this was a good journalling exercise.
Thanks, Lita!

Monday, April 02, 2012


If you want to know who loves you, plan a wedding.
I've been engaged for two weeks now, and I have been so overwhelmed with love. So many people have graciously offered their help, let me cry out my frustrations, or even offer me the use of their wedding dresses. I am so touched, and so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life who have made my life what it is today, and who continue to show me their love, especially at this exciting time in my life. 
Being engaged is still pretty fun, but I am looking forward to getting through the planning part. I have a lot of stuff figured out now, so I just have to work on putting those plans in place. 
I'm excited to get our engagement pictures done this weekend, and start work on the invitations. Oh, and finally get something figured out for a dress. That will be figured out one way or another this week. I have a few options, I just need to make a decision now. 
To all of you who have been there for me these last few weeks, I thank you completely from the bottom of my heart. I feel so loved, and I am so grateful for every blessing that I have.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I love weddings. A lot. I love the flowers, the cakes, the dresses, the hair, the ribbons, the tulle. I love it all. But, this is turning out to be a little problem for me in planning my own wedding.
I've been planning a wedding for the last few years and have a lot of ideas, but trying to narrow down the choices is getting pretty hard.
So far, we've chosen a date, colours, flowers and a general cake design. Also, we have chosen the food and dessert. But, the centrepieces are still a mystery to me, and I'm still not sure about bridesmaids dresses or my dress. I have found many things that I like, but I'm finding it hard to incorporate all that I love into this wedding. Also, trying to find things that work for both Chris and I is hard. But, he's being a really good sport and letting me make a lot of the final decisions. I sure love that man!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Luckiest

Happy belated St. Patrick's day, y'all! I hope it brought some sunshine and luck for all of you!
It certainly did for me! Well, not so much sunshine, but snow and luck.
Yesterday, we had a ward temple trip yesterday. I am so happy that I was able to go to the temple. I always feel completely at home there.
My day would have been complete if I had left the temple with just that amazing feeling. But, it gets better. I left with a beautiful ring given to me by my very best friend, Christopher.
While the snow was blowing around us, Christopher asked me to marry him.
I've know that this would happen for quite some time, and thought I was completely prepared for that moment, but I wasn't. I said yes, but it's still so strange to think that I have a fiancé and I am going to have a husband and be a wife.
I am beyond excited for this next step in my life though, and am so excited to get started on the wedding plans. Well, actually not making the plans, but actually putting them into action. If you know me at all, or follow me on Pinterest, or have seen my stack of Martha Stewart Weddings magazines, then you know that I have been planning this wedding for quite a while.

Just moments before he popped the question.

He took Beyonce's advice and "put a ring on it".
A close up of the bling. 

"I know that I am, I am, I am the luckiest."
- Ben Folds