Wednesday, July 20, 2011

That's Life

Sometimes things don't go as planned. That happens. I hate when it happens, but lately I've tried to just accept it -- maybe even embrace it.
I am also realizing that sometimes, there is more than one right answer. Sometimes, there are two really good choices, and either one will get us to the right destination.
Right now I am not in the position I was expecting to be a year ago. But, I am happy, and to me that is more important than doing something half-heartedly just because I said I would.
Life is challenging, ever changing, but always wonderful.

Jonathan Adler

Dear Jonathan Adler, thank you for making pretty things to make my heart and eyes happy. It was a treat to see this in my inbox this week. But, I only have one problem, that mirror is more than a month's rent.
Anyone willing to part with a little money to get me this?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


As I mentioned before, my roommates (Chantelle, Candi and Megan) and Chris got me tickets for Wicked for my birthday. Finally, the day arrived on Friday. After seeing Harry Potter with Marni, I came home, got  ready and went to Chris' where he had dinner ready for me. I love having someone cook me dinner!
We then went to the Jubilee (after a quick stop at my house, because I forgot the tickets!). I felt like such a classy grown up, walking to the theatre in my favourite (hot pink) pumps, holding the hand of my handsome boyfriend.
I knew that the play would be good. But, I was not prepared for how spectacular it was. Seriously. If you ever get a chance to see Wicked, please do. Words can't even describe. It was just fantastic!
After the show, we stopped by the YSA dance, and though we felt a little out of place being all dressed up, it was a nice way to end the night. 
Thank you again, Chantelle, Candi, Megan and Chris. Seriously. You are the best. ("How did you know?")

Friday, July 15, 2011

The End

I really need to be getting ready to go out to see Wicked tonight, but I need to tell you how in love I am with a little something called Harry Potter. Marni and I saw the movie today (happy birthday, favourite sister!), and it was ... amazing. Seriously. I laughed. I cried. I smiled. My heart grew with anticipation and excitement, and broke into pieces too. It was splendidly done. I am so sad that this means that it's really over. But, I am so glad that as always, Harry and his mates will always be there for me and I can experience life with them again through these brilliant books and movies.
Also, Neville Longbottom! Hello! Can he please be my boyfriend? (I think Chris would understand, right?)

Three hours

In three hours, I will be sitting in a theatre with my favourite sister, awaiting the beginning of the end of Harry Potter. I still can't believe that this day has come. I am anxious, giddy, sad, excited. I might start hyperventilating soon. Oh boy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tunes for Tuesday

These songs have been going on repeat both in my head and on my iPod all week. It's been lovely (especially to combat the country I have to listen to at work this week).

1. "Big Jet Plane", Angus & Julia Stone
2. "Dancing through Life", Wicked Soundtrack
3. "Hollywood", Michael Buble
4. "You Can't Stop the Beat", Hairspray Soundtrack
5. "Waters Edge", We Shot the Moon
6. "This Charming Man", The Smiths
7. "I Want the World to Stop", Belle & Sebastian
8. "Hoppipolla", Sigur Ros
9. "Breakfast at Tiffany's", Deep Blue Something
10. "Stay Young, Go Dancing", Death Cab for Cutie

Happy Tuesday! Happy listening! 


I should not be allowed to be given ice cream or frozen yogurt. You should not let such good, perishable things into my clumsy hands. Seriously.
Last night after FHE, Chris and I went to Spoon Me. Since about three or more of blog friends have mentioned it in the last few weeks, I decided we needed to try it. I was pretty safe and had the vanilla bean (which I believe was the best compared to Chris' Mango Orange and Acai) with Froot Loops. It was super tasty and I was really enjoying it on the way home until I set it between my legs and it fell. It's a good thing that I eat ice cream fast because I was able to get about half of it before the disaster.
We will be making another trip soon.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Dear NBC

Dearest NBC, you know that I have mad love for you. You bring me laughs and make my heart happy via Liz Lemon, and Jim Halpert. But, what made you think you could add James Spader to the cast of The Office? First you take away Steve Carrell (yes, I know that that really wasn't your fault, but today I am blaming you) and then you add him? Really? This is not okay.

Canada Day Weekend

Happy belated birthday, Canada!
This Canada Day weekend was a pretty swell one. It began with breakfast with my roommate Megan, Chris and the missionaries in our ward. Megan made yummy pancakes (blueberry and chocolate chip) and we had a good time. Many laughs.
I unfortunately had to work that night, but the day ended well when Chris picked me up and took me to watch the fireworks. We realized that we were on the wrong side to see them, but it was still nice -- especially because I had a yummy Peters' milkshake to enjoy.
Saturday morning, I went to Marni's to watch Harry Potter. We planned to watch the first few, but only got through the first one before we switched over to Gilmore Girls.  Then, that night I tried my hand at alfredo sauce, followed by some Big Bang Theory (that has been my nightly routine for the last month!), and a lovely walk (minus the mosquitos).
Oh, and I can't forget Sunday. A super day of church, followed by some yummy fondue for dinner, and chocolate fondue for dessert. It was splendid.

Chris and I after the fireworks.

Note to self: eat more fondue, and take more pictures!