Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Canada Day Weekend

Happy belated birthday, Canada!
This Canada Day weekend was a pretty swell one. It began with breakfast with my roommate Megan, Chris and the missionaries in our ward. Megan made yummy pancakes (blueberry and chocolate chip) and we had a good time. Many laughs.
I unfortunately had to work that night, but the day ended well when Chris picked me up and took me to watch the fireworks. We realized that we were on the wrong side to see them, but it was still nice -- especially because I had a yummy Peters' milkshake to enjoy.
Saturday morning, I went to Marni's to watch Harry Potter. We planned to watch the first few, but only got through the first one before we switched over to Gilmore Girls.  Then, that night I tried my hand at alfredo sauce, followed by some Big Bang Theory (that has been my nightly routine for the last month!), and a lovely walk (minus the mosquitos).
Oh, and I can't forget Sunday. A super day of church, followed by some yummy fondue for dinner, and chocolate fondue for dessert. It was splendid.

Chris and I after the fireworks.

Note to self: eat more fondue, and take more pictures!

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