Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I should not be allowed to be given ice cream or frozen yogurt. You should not let such good, perishable things into my clumsy hands. Seriously.
Last night after FHE, Chris and I went to Spoon Me. Since about three or more of blog friends have mentioned it in the last few weeks, I decided we needed to try it. I was pretty safe and had the vanilla bean (which I believe was the best compared to Chris' Mango Orange and Acai) with Froot Loops. It was super tasty and I was really enjoying it on the way home until I set it between my legs and it fell. It's a good thing that I eat ice cream fast because I was able to get about half of it before the disaster.
We will be making another trip soon.


Laura Beth said...

I love spoon me. the acai is nasty. I made that mistake.

Mandy said...

Cute shoes! Where did you get them? Where is Spoon me? I've never heard of it.