Tuesday, July 19, 2011


As I mentioned before, my roommates (Chantelle, Candi and Megan) and Chris got me tickets for Wicked for my birthday. Finally, the day arrived on Friday. After seeing Harry Potter with Marni, I came home, got  ready and went to Chris' where he had dinner ready for me. I love having someone cook me dinner!
We then went to the Jubilee (after a quick stop at my house, because I forgot the tickets!). I felt like such a classy grown up, walking to the theatre in my favourite (hot pink) pumps, holding the hand of my handsome boyfriend.
I knew that the play would be good. But, I was not prepared for how spectacular it was. Seriously. If you ever get a chance to see Wicked, please do. Words can't even describe. It was just fantastic!
After the show, we stopped by the YSA dance, and though we felt a little out of place being all dressed up, it was a nice way to end the night. 
Thank you again, Chantelle, Candi, Megan and Chris. Seriously. You are the best. ("How did you know?")

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