Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

I just want to write a quick note to give an update on my missionary! I got an e-mail on Monday and a letter today.
Justin is serving in a city called Yucaipa (You-KI-pa), California. He loves the weather and the palm trees! He didn't tell me much about the people or about his ward that he is serving in. But, I know that he is doing well, and that he is enjoying his mission. I look forward to getting more letters about the people that he will be teaching and serving.
And, tonight, my dad brought me supper at work, and a letter too! As I read my letter, it made me think of Saturday's Warrior when Benji is making fun of Julie for crying while writing Wally. "When she gets a letter from Wally, she blubbers! When she writes a letter to Wally, she bluuuubers!" That's me. Completely. I want letters every day! Or even just the weeks when I get more than one letter! Maybe this week will be one? No, not likely. But, a girl can dream! He's really growing, and I can see it already. Yesterday was the four week mark, and tomorrow is the one month mark. I've survived one month. Twenty-three more can't hurt, right?
Oh, and yes, I am still waiting for Justin. I've already had people ask me that! Even a few days after he left! I am definitely still waiting. Also, on that subject. Justin is still my boyfriend. No, we are not going on dates, and we're not seeing each other for the next two years, as that is sort of frowned upon. But, I'm not giving up on him just because he's serving a mission. He's still alive, and I'm still his. Some people can be really amusing with their views at times. 
And for your viewing pleasure, here's a video that my friend Tat showed me the other day. I hope this never happens to me!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My married sister Marni and her married husband James. Nutso!

I realized that I have not yet said anything about my big sister's wedding! Shameful, I know. Well, 16 days ago, my older sister, Marni married her man, James. It was an incredibly cold, cold day for October, and there was snow! But the happiness radiated off those two like nothing else. I haven't seen either of them so happy before. I got to be her maid of honor, and I was utterly thrilled to pieces to have that responsibility -- ask anyone! I got to throw Marni two showers, which were both great successes, and I got to help in a lot of the preliminary planning -- which I loved! I've been able to plan most of my wedding while planning hers too! Ha ha. So, with the cold, cold, cold temperatures, it was a little difficult to take pictures, but we did. My older brother, David, a promising photographer, did the pictures. He did a really good job. I haven't seen the finished products yet, but I saw most of them before they were edited, and they looked great! He's already booked to do mine. I am so happy for my sister, and my new brother-in-law! It's still so weird to say that. My sister is married. Weird! But, good. She's a good example to me, and I am so happy that Marni and James started their life together by being married in the temple! I love you guys! 
My brother, sister and I. I think David and I pull of the pink well. What do you think?
The happy couple. The Scotts. Married for time and all eternity. October 10, 2009. (I believe these pictures are courtesy of my Uncle James -- not to be confused with my brother-in-law James)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Living in Your Letters

After fourteen very, very, very, very excruciatingly long days, I heard from my missionary! In fact, I received one e-mail, and two letters! I guess he likes me! Ha ha. I decided to check my e-mail this morning before class, and when I saw the name "Justin Marshall", I might have squealed! I was so excited that he e-mailed me today. I wasn't sure if he would. So, I cried for like ten minutes as I read it. Happy tears. I don't think my heart would have been able to take another day without hearing from him. Then, when I came home from class today, there were two letters waiting for me!  Heavenly Father answers prayers in a really big way.
So, here's an update of what Elder Marshall is up to:
He has been in the MTC for two weeks today. He flies to California next week to begin his mission in Riverside. His companion is Elder Cornia, and they are rooming with two other missionaries. They are all American, and they treat him like he is "super foreign". He's amused by that. In his district, there are eight other missionaries that will also be serving in Riverside. On his second day in the MTC, he was called to be the senior companion. He is learning a lot, and working really hard. He's going to be a great missionary these next two years. I can already tell how much he is growing.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Picture This

On our last day together (before he went to the MTC), Justin and I had my (very talented) brother take a few pictures. Here are a few of my favourites:

This one is my absolute favourite. I think it's just perfect.

I love holding this guy's hand. I think that's one of the things I've missed most.

It was very windy that day, as you can see! It was kind of making me crazy...

Nothing can tear me away from my guy.
I am very thankful to David for taking these pictures for us, even though we weren't very cooperative that day, as we both had other things on our minds. In a few years, I'll get him to take some more of us together. ;)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Please Mr. Postman

Everyday, I check the mail. When I see the mailman, my heart gets a little excited, thinking that this may be the day that I get a letter. A letter that would calm my nerves and put this whole thing into perspective. No such luck. I know it's too early to except to hear, but I really want to. And right now, wish rules out logic.


Saturday, October 03, 2009

Signs of Fall

Fall is upon us. This last week, I really felt it. Here are a few of my signs of fall:
  • The heater on the train is on
  • I'm itching to wear some warm sweaters
  • I'm using more than one blanket
  • Gorgeous golds, reds, yellows of trees
  • Handel's "Messiah" rehearsals start soon
  • Midterms
  • A few fabulous pairs of boots are on my mind a lot more
  • The crispness of the air
  • I get extra shivers in class if I'm not wearing a sweater