Monday, November 26, 2012

Kristi's Picks: Heaven is Here

The other day, a friend commented on one of my book recommendations and asked me to give more, so I thought I would do just that. Welcome to a new feature of the blog: Kristi's Picks. Though I haven't read anything but stuff for school this semester, when I am not in school, I love to read as much as possible, and working in bookstore makes that pretty easy! I read some really good books earlier this year, so that is where I will start with my recommendations. 

One of the best books that I read this year was Heaven is Here written by the lovely and inspiring Stephanie Nielson (of NieNie Dialogues). I loved reading this book so much. It was written so beautifully, and so honestly. The whole time I was reading it, I was either smiling or crying. I love how Stephanie totally understands her role as a women, wife and mother. Do yourself a favour and read this gem. I promise, if you have a beating heart, you will not regret it.
Heaven Is Here: An Incredible Story Of Hope, Triumph, And Everyday Joy

Monday, November 19, 2012


Another eleven days, and November will be over with. Can you believe it? This year is going by so quickly!
November brings with it many things. From colder temperatures to poppies to stress over term papers. And of course, moustaches. Throughout this month, I have seen many a mo' and heard many women complain about the creepy 'staches, or as Erin Hannon says, "it looks like there's an eyebrow in the middle of your face".
I am not a fan of moustaches, not even the classic Selleck. But, though it may make some men a little hard to look at for a month, I think Movember is worth it.
Last year, my brother, David decided to support the cause of Movember and raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. I was touched by this, even though I prefer a beard over a moustache any day. I have known a few people in my life that have suffered from cancer, and many others who have had their own friends or family suffer from cancer. In fact, my own Papa had prostate cancer (though I didn't find out until about 10 years after the fact). Thankfully they were able to detect it early, and it was treated.
So, because of the great cause that is Movember, I choose to ignore the ugly "eyebrows in the middle of your face". And I hope that you will do the same!
To learn more about the Movember Campaign, go here . And, you can help my brother David raise money, here. Or give the money to someone you know that is raising money for this great cause.
It's only 30 days ladies, I think we can deal with it.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

My mom, as most parents do, has passed down some traits to me. Though sometimes I wish that she had passed down certain traits, like her ability to be her own person without comparing herself to others, or her selflessness, especially with her family and with her callings. But, thankfully she did pass on a few good things to me. I think my favourite is an ability to bake, and also a love of baking. I can't imagine being a wife or a mother without being able to bake. As far as I'm concerned, houses are supposed to smell like muffins, cakes and cookies.

(The banana muffins I made tonight. Such a delightful smell!)