Thursday, June 30, 2011

May leftovers

Now that it's almost July, I figure it's probably time to post some pictures from May. I only put these pictures on my computer last week (and snagged some from Chantelle), so that would be the reason for the delay.
May was a blur. Not too much happened, but enough to keep me happy.
Enjoy the next few pictures. 

For potluck FHE, we had a Cinco de Mayo theme, so I made Churro cupcakes.  I love trying new things -- especially when we're talking about cupcakes. 

At the end of May, there was a YSA dance. It was a black light dance and it was actually pretty sweet -- except for the fact that it was really hard to see people. At least I always knew where Candi, Chantelle and Megan were thanks to their bright shirts.

When we came home from the dance that night, things got a little silly. You want a glow stick moustache too, don't you?

I also went with some friends to Drumheller. After a week of rain, we enjoyed a lovely day full of sunshine (and wind too). Hoodoos, mini chapels, dinosaurs. It was great. Also, I got to choose the music, so yeah it was awesome.

There you have it. I promise to be more diligent in my blogging efforts the rest of this summer. I've actually missed it quite a bit. Plus, I have a few good adventures ahead of me that will need to published. 

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Laura Beth said...

That mustache is clever. How many months until Justin comes home? time is flying!! There hasnt been an update on him for awhile.