Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom

Winter is tough. I miss the sun, the warmth. Winter often steals my motivation and makes me sad. But, there are some ways to combat the terrible winter (I'm talking real winter -- like Canadian winter).

  • Make a yummy veggie infused meal
  • Exercise! Even though those cold, cold mornings make you want to stay in bed forever, show 'em whose boss and break a sweat
  • Paint your nails a bright summery colour (I'm all about the pinks)
  • Stay home, and curl up with a good book
  • Watch old episodes of a favourite TV show
  • Spend time laughing with friends
Hopefully the sun will come out for you, and you can enjoy this winter season. If it can stay like it was today, I'll be okay with that. But, I won't complain if Spring comes early this year! 

1 comment:

Laura Beth said...

You will love winter when Justin is home for you to cuddle with on cold nights :)