Tuesday, January 25, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day One

Yep, I'm doing it. Partly because I feel like I haven't anything interesting to say as of late, and partly because it looks fun.

Day One: A picture of me and fifteen facts.

(Summer 2010, after my first 5K race)

1. I am a night-owl, but also prefer waking up early to sleeping in (past 8:00 am is sleeping in for me). 
2. I love, love, love to read.
3. When I started university I wanted to be a writer and a high school English teacher. Now I have no idea.
4. I dislike wearing my winter coat (partially because I don't like it, and partially because I don't like the extra bulk).
5. I love to plan parties.
6. I love to bake and cook and dream of the days when I'm a mom and can be the super baker/cook.
7. I love to run.
8. I find it charming and completely adorable when a guy can't dance (Harry, Finn, etc.)
9. I love to scrapbook.
10. I find human behaviour fascinating. 
11. I can play the bass guitar and the piano (but not very well).
12. I own approximately 20 pairs of shoes (not including sandals).
13. I try to eat an apple a day. 
14. Asparagus is my favourite vegetable. 
15. I am happy.

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