Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear Harry Potter

Dear Harry Potter,
Thank you for living up to my high standards once again. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy every minute again, despite sitting on the very front row (yes, the very front row). Thank you for being amazing and making me nearly squeal with delight when you dance, because you can't and it's adorable (seriously, my go-to good moment for the rest of the week!). Thank you for filling my Friday with goodness. Thank you for being awesome.
I just have one small favour. Could you perhaps move the release date of Part two? Six months is just far too long!

Kristi Beth.


lauren said...

agreed! i loved the new movie. it made me laugh, cry, smile, scream, hold my breath...everything. so good! and i cannot wait for the next one!

Laura Beth said...

You JUST saw the new one? Kristiiiii haha what took you so long? I loved it too. The next one should be awesome!

Kristi Beth said...

No, no Laura. I saw it when it first came out, but I went to see it again.