Monday, July 26, 2010


Since I was in Magrath all weekend with no internet, I was unable to post a happy birthday to Justin on his birthday. So, here it is a little belated.

Justin's birthday was the 24th (Saturday). He is now twenty! I always tend to forget that he's a year younger than me. Most of the time I just think we're the same age, or that he's older than me (because he is definitely more mature than me). I am really sad that I couldn't be with him on his birthday, but I told him that I will make up for that on his twenty-second birthday (I think the summer of 2012 will be our best yet!).

Happy birthday, Justin! I love you!

ps: we will reach ten months on Friday! Wahoo!

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Lynn said...

Very Cool that his birthday is on Pioneer Day.

SO is my sister, Yvonne's, and also my niece, Janna.

I remember when Yvonne was little.......she thought all the Pioneer celebrations we went to was one huge birthday party for her. ; D