Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ideas, please!

I start EFY in just less than two weeks! Eek! I am pretty excited, but really nervous too! I will be working both weeks (first and second weeks of August). Oh boy! I know that it's a lot, but I am way excited!
So, friends, I need advice! Whether you have been a counselor or just a participant, I want your ideas. What can I do to make this a good experience for me and for my groups that I will be looking after?

Part of my group my last year of EFY (as a participant). Three years ago. 


Laura O'Hearon said...

Hahah the hand game. I'm pretty sure I got to the last round and lost. Sad.

Play the hand game for sure and just trust in the manual. It always helps to ask the kids too what they like. It gets them a lot more involved. Just be crazy and don't worry about what anyone thinks. Be like unto Sarah was when she was our counselor. She taught me well.

Alyssa said...

This is going to sound lame. But be a friend to the kids, but also their leader. They will try to get away with things, but make sure they understand the rules. (This is extra bad in Calgary week 2 for some reason.....).

Otherwise, try to prepare your lessons (i.e. scripture study, devotionals) so that you dont have to read from the paper. Do what you can to invite participation - ask a lot of questions. The less talking you do and the more talking they do, the better.

It's so fun, Kristi - You'll love it, I'm sure. I can't wait for photos!!!!!! I miss EFY so much. :)

Lita said...

I loved being a councelor! Week 1 for me was pretty insane because it was raining the whole time and yeah... kids cooped up inside for 5 days = yikes.

My advice for you:
Be prepared for everything. Teens really have a mind of their own.
Love them as much as you can. My roommate last year was really good at having individual 'night talks' with her girls and she thought that was a great way to ensure they respected her during the day. Since they would talk about everything... and she tried to get their little giddiness about the boys out in the open, because something happens when the girls see the boys each morning that is hard to explain. :)
And one thing I did more in my 2nd week that I wish I had done in my 1st was to really soak in the BC meetings in the morning, especially the little spiritual thought. You'll be REALLY tired, but that little dose every morning from the BC really adds to personal study, especially because you've been listening to your own spiritual thoughts every night with your evening devotionals.
Just keep your testimony on your sleeve. Remember that your #1 priority is to help develop the testimonies of the youth.
Have fun!!!