Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Cold as Ice

It is March and I am cold, cold, cold! It shouldn't be this cold now -- or ever, as far as I am concerned. In my mind, winter has its place in December, and that is about it. I can handle the -10 or -15 if I have to, but anything below that is too much -- especially with that awful wind chill. I keep hoping that maybe because heart resides in sunny California, my body will feel that warmth. Not luck yet.
Despite the gross weather, there were some good things that happened today.
a) Snail mail from my favourite missionary
b) Watching "Dr. Horrible" on my way to and from school
c) Reading 2 Nephi 4
And more. Life is good -- but cold.
Sun, please come out tomorrow and bring Spring with you! Please and thank you.

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