Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am a dreamer (...but I'm not the only one). I have just had an epiphany of sorts, and have a new segment for my blog. My dreams. Not as in what happens in my brain during REM sleep, but what I long and wish for in life, things I want to accomplish or would just love the opportunity to do.
And as I am laying her in bed, browsing through Anthropologie's unique door handles and knobs, I was reminded of a dream of mine. I would love to have a B&B. This dream may have grown since watching the last few seasons of Gilmore Girls, where Lorelai and Sookie open the Dragonfly, but it actually started before that. I remember watching a commercial (I don't recall what it was for -- shocker), and the people in the commercial talked about their B&B. I remember one scene where the owner was making the bed. Maybe it appealed to me because I like cleaning clean spaces (void of clutter), or because they then made pancakes and I love pancakes. But, the idea of opening a home of sorts, making it my own and inviting others to come and have sleepovers all the time -- awesome, right?

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Candi said...

That's a great dream! You should definitely look into it. You'd be a great hostess :)