Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I had a pretty great weekend, and a good start to the week so far. Rather than bore everybody with the long details (or let's face it -- for the sake my fingers), I will just touch on the most important bits that made me smile.

- Spending time at Chinook with the girls before "Battle of the Bands". Dear Anthropologie, I love you.
- Hanging out with my favourite kiddos, watching "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", and tickle fights with Jakey and Ty. 
- Going to the temple -- it always refreshes me.
- Games night times two.
- Another wonderful e-mail from my favourite missionary.
- Realizing that Justin only has five transfers left! 
- Cupcakes (topped with whipped cream and strawberries -- so healthy, right?!)
- Going to the gym! My body is pretty happy with me today.
- Eating a delicious -- seriously delicious -- spinach and chicken salad.
-Watching PVR'd episodes of "Big Bang Theory". Sheldon Cooper, I also love you. Bazinga!

What made you smile today?

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