Thursday, March 03, 2011

Addicted to Love

I've said it many, many times, but I really love being in love. I love knowing that someone that I care about is thinking about me, while I am also thinking about him. I love knowing that someone cares about me and knows what I need and is willing to do that for me. After a conversation with a good friend last night about how much the Apostles love their wives (Elder Holland's talks from the last few conferences just make my heart melt when he talks about his wife), and Lauren's post today have reminded me that love is grand. Love is just... no words. I am just so lucky. I'm pretty much addicted to being in love, and I will never give up the habit. I wish that everyone could know what it felt like to be in love, and be loved.

(only seven months until I can finally share some new pictures of me and my guy!)

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