Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thoughts for Tuesday

This morning, I woke up at least three times before I actually made myself get out of bed. Exhaustion and fatigue have plagued my body lately. This may be partly due to the extreme lack of sleep I experienced over the weekend, or because of my lack of motivation in life that I have been experiencing these past few months (I am still trying to figure that out).
Anyhow, on my way to class this afternoon, I was barely able to stay awake, and had difficulty focusing while I was meeting with my group for our project due in a few weeks. My group mates talked about things that didn't matter to me, were not relevant to my life. They talked about drinking Red Bull, and how they need it to write papers. I didn't join in on this part of the conversation because a) I don't drink Red Bull, and never have and b) I didn't feel like I was even part of the conversation.
Now, let's get to the point. After class, I had some extra time before my last class (Romantic Lit.) and as I felt my body dragging, I really wanted to just go home and sleep or just do nothing. But, I stopped at Jugo Juice, got a delicious mango smoothie and walked back to class, but this time I walked outside rather than just through the building. Sunshine and fruit are my energy drink. I am so happy to see sunshine today and really hope that spring can stay, because I need it to. I need sunshine in my life.
Now friends, do your spirit a favour. Eat some fruit, and catch some sun rays. I can guarantee it will lift them a little, or a lot.

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Alyssa Fraser said...

urgh, now I want a mango smoothie.