Thursday, March 10, 2011

Changing to grow

Moments of inspiration often come from the least likely places. For example, an episode of "Full House". I was just watching an episode, and something that Vicky (Danny's girlfriend who takes over Becky's spot on "Wake Up, San Francisco!") said just clicked, and helped me figure out some things. She said, "Without change, we can't grow."
I am preparing to make some pretty big changes in my life, and I'm pretty scared. When I think about them in a idealized sense, I am excited, and can't wait. But then I realize that those changes are coming really quickly, and will affect a lot of things. I know that I need to make changes in my life, because I need to grow, and I need to prepare for even bigger things like being a wife and a mother. But, I'm still experiencing a little bit of trepidation about the whole thing. I needed the reminder that changes can be good, and without them I can't progress and become the person that I want to be. 
So thank you for the ''aha-moment'', "Full House". 

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