Saturday, May 21, 2011

A First

Today at work, I was talking with a co-worker of mine. She asked about my sister having a baby, and asked if I was looking forward to it. "Of course" I said, and then told her that besides being a mother, I have always wanted to be a aunt. Immediately, she asked if I was Mormon. That was a first. I don't believe I have ever been asked that out of the blue. She said that she had only heard someone say that if they were Mormon. I was kind of surprised by that. But then, thinking about it more, it makes sense. The gospel is so focused on the family that it would make sense that she would say that.
I am really so happy that I was raised in a home where motherhood was given the respect that it deserves. I can't wait to a mommy and spend every day with my favourite little ones. Dear little ones in heaven, mommy can't wait to meet you!

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Lori A. said...

Dear Bean
When I read your post my first thought was that they are probably as excited as you are to finally get together. They are in for a special treat to have you as their mom. I hope they like cupcakes.