Monday, May 16, 2011


I am so blessed every single day. Whether it's an extra hour of work, a text from a friend or a sunny day, I am blessed. I try to recognize these blessings every day and be grateful for them, but sometimes it's hard. Sometimes I am focused on what I don't have, and what I want but can't have. I would love to say that I am always seeing the positive, but to be honest, I am not. I often have to stop and look for it very closely. I know that I am receiving blessings and miracles every day, but sometimes my clouded eyes don't see them. I let my vision become blurred by my trials and failures and forget that I am supposed to go through these tough times so that I can see the good. I know that there is opposition in all things, but some days I forget that along with opposition comes great things. I have a loving family, a supportive group of friends, a wonderful ward family, a superb extended family, a job that doesn't make me want to poke out my eyes (most days), hands and feet and legs and arms that work, ears that hear and eyes that see. I have talents that I can use to help others, and others have many more talents that help me.
Even though I complain a lot, and usually about the stupid things, I am happy with my life. And I am happy that I get to share my life with the best people. If you are reading this, I probably love you.
{photo - David Dudley}

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Young People in Love said...

Just found your blog and la la lOVE it! Just became your newest follower friend :)
And I simply cannot get over how beautiful this photo is! Totally magical.