Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tunes for Tuesday

Today as I was walking to the train station downtown, yummy froyo in hand, listening to my music I felt that today, my favourite tunes of the week needed to be shared.

1. "Rolling in the Deep" - Adele (and the entire '21' album)
2. "Your Song" - Ellie Goulding (one of my all-time faves, and she sings it beautifully)
3. "Who Knows Who Cares" - Local Natives (Thank you for the recommendation, Andrew!)
4. "Set Fire to the Third Bar" - Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright (I cry nearly every time I hear this song)
5. "Warning Sign"- Coldplay (You can never go wrong with a little Coldplay)
6. "Our House"- Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (I listen to this song at least once or twice a day)
7. "Dog Days Are Over" - Florence & The Machine (Currently my favourite solo dance party song)
8. "Inaudible Melodies"- Jack Johnson (Perfect cooking music)
9. "Because" - Cast of Across the Universe (The harmonies make my heart ache in the best way possible)
10. "Feels Good" - Matt Dusk (Always puts me in a good mood)

Now do your ears a favour and listen to something good!

1 comment:

Laura Beth said...

So, we're going to listen to Jack when we have our cupcake party and we are going to listen to Coldplay when we're driving in the car to get supplies for girls night? I'm totally with you on those side comments.

I'm SO excited to be real life friends :)