Sunday, April 03, 2011

General Conference

Thinking about the weekend I have just had, and the opportunity I had to watch General Conference today with the rest of the world (including Riverside, CA), I am reminded of something Justin and I used to do when we were first dating. Because he lived three hours north, we didn't get to spend very much time together and spent most time texting or on the phone. So, we decided to have movie dates, where we would choose a movie that we both owned, and watch it at the same time so we could feel closer together. Watching General Conference while he was doing the exact same thing today, made me feel closer to him.  The first weekend is April is probably one of my favourite times of year. General Conference. A time where I am privileged to hear from the great leaders of our church. A time where I can receive answers to my questions. A time where I get to watch the same thing that Justin is watching. A time where I can stay in my PJs all of Sunday. 
Because I had to work all day yesterday, I wasn't able to watch the first two sessions of conference, so I was so excited for today. I loved every minute. I laughed, I smiled, I reevaluated, I cried. It was perfect. I received comfort, reassurance, and that little nudge to do better. 
And a bonus, I got to make brunch for some of the girls in my ward. It was pretty delicious. Whole wheat pancakes and yummy fruit. Yes, please! Oh, and lots of laughter. I love those girls! 
I wish we had General Conference every weekend, but maybe I wouldn't appreciate it as much if we did. 

ps. Did anyone else see the kid that turned around and smiled at the camera at the end of the last session today? 


Laura Beth said...

Dang! I wish I had watched the last session just so I could have seen the kid turn around. HOWEVER, did you notice the guy in the choir who moved his eye brows up and down like WOAH during the first hymn of the sunday morning session? I did and I was literally laughing out loud in church. I got a few looks.

I can totally understand watching conference and making you feel closer to someone. My head was thinkin' the saaaame thing! I'm really excited to hang out with you. I can feel some good girl chats on their way. We have much to discuss :)

ps. your comment made my day. THANKS!

pps. GO UCONN. ha.

Laura Beth said...

Okay, me again.

I have more to say and blogworld is more private then facebook. So, I am addicted to weddings lately (for obviously no reason at all) and I am LOVIN' pink and grey weddings. Your blog is making my addiction ten times worse as it is so beautiful in "my colors"

Also, shoot.. what was my also.

OH, you obviously have the invite to my conference parties next year. They WILL go down and I am excited. Justin can come too :) Is it a little mean that I kind of want him to come home a few months later so we have more time to hang out once I'm in Calgary? haha

Alyssa Fraser said...

My boyfriend's little brother saw it and he was trying to describe it to all of us. It sounded pretty funny but I wish I had have seen it for myself@