Tuesday, February 22, 2011

''Turn and face the strange c-c-changes''

If someone had asked me five years ago to eat a spinach salad, followed by some green beans, sweet potatoes, and finish it off with a glass of skim milk, I would have turned up my nose in disgust. But, apparently, I like those things now. I made some delicious sweet potato fries last night, and can't wait to have more. A week without spinach is torture for me, and I love fresh green beans. So, when I was using some skim milk for my Mac n' Cheese tonight, I decided to try it again, because I might like the taste. And guess what? I did. I actually liked it. I feel like I don't recognize myself anymore!
Has this happened to anyone else? Have your tastes changed over the years?

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Melissa said...

I know what you mean. I'm addicted to frozen fruit and spinach smoothies. We call them Popeye smoothies! So good (add a bit of yogurt, 100% fruit juice, and protein powder)
Also, for some crazy reason, I now love mushrooms and tuna. (not together). I used to CRINGE at the sight of those two things when I was little...not anymore! I totally believe that taste buds change.