Saturday, February 12, 2011


Justin has been a missionary for 500 days. For 500 days my guy has been 'serving his guts out'. For 500 days he has been Elder Marshall. For 500 days our only communication has been letters, e-mails, occasional packages. For 500 days I have had mood swing upon mood swing about how I feel about the whole mission thing. For 500 days I have missed my guy.
500 days ago, I was sure I couldn't survive this long. I was sure that I couldn't live on letters and e-mails. I was sure that my heart would never heal. I was sure that I couldn't love Justin anymore than I did.
It turns out I was completely wrong. I have survived. I have lived on letters and e-mails. My heart has healed (mostly). I do love Justin more than I did when he left.

500 days gone, gone, gone. Only... 230+ to go!

ps. I will catch up on the 30 Day Photo Challenge tomorrow. 

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