Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom

I have some wisdom for you today. It is this: sometimes, you just need to breathe. No matter what you choose to do in life, someone will have something negative to say about it. Sometimes they will say it to your face, and sometimes they'll say it to someone else. But, getting upset and reacting to it won't help. And sometimes you have to step outside of yourself and look at it from their perspective. Sometimes they're just trying to help.
Just breathe. Focus on being happy. Focus on the here, the now. Be patient.
Oh man, I need to take my own advice!


Scrapinitblue said...

Very wise words darling! You can only live your life for yourself and make the decisions for yourself with what you have in your heart. No one but you knows what is best for you. Take care, it gets so much easier and less confusing as you get older...

Laura Beth said...

Smart lady. Lets go to crave and delight in cupcakes.