Monday, August 15, 2011


It's been a while! And there is someone new in my life that I want you to meet.
His name is Joseph. And he is pretty much my favourite person in the world right now.
On August 4 at 8:40 am, Joseph Grant was born. I was at EFY that week, and wasn't able to meet him until Sunday morning (because he was in the hospital for a few extra days). I love this little boy.
This past Saturday, after my second week of EFY, Christopher and I stopped by to see Joey. He was just as cute as I remembered him, and probably even more. Chris was really good with him, and it was really nice to see him hold him. There's something about a guy holding a baby -- probably one of the most attractive things.
I am so excited to see Joey grow up. I know he is going to be such a great kid because he'll have me to show him the ropes, but more importantly, he has great parents that love him very much, and awesome grandparents and a really cool uncle to teach him in the ways of life.

I love being an aunt!

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