Sunday, September 04, 2011

Ideas, please!

September is here, and school is just around the corner. I can't believe it. This semester will be a very different one, especially with me not living at home anymore. I don't know why that really makes a difference, but it seems too. Perhaps because with my hours at work going down because of classes, I actually need to save as much money as possible so I don't get stuck with no money, because let's face it -- paying rent sucks.
So, on to my original purpose for this post. Being a student, and dating a student (Christopher starts school at SAIT next week) means that money for dates is very scarce. However, I am a big believer in dating, so I need some help with ideas for cheap, inexpensive, and even no-cost dates. Please, help!


Scrapinitblue said...

Some of the best dates that Randy and I had were going for long walks alongside the river in Saskatoon where we lived. Such a great time to talk and connect! When we lived in Calgary we would take a picnic to Prince's Island.

We also used to go and sit at Denny's or BP's and have a drink and just sit and talk and people watch.

Something must have worked, we hit 12 years together next April!

Melissa said...

Geocaching! Free and fun and you can do it 24/7. I'll be posting about it soon.

GoMo said...

I totally know the feeling. Gordon and I are really into walks as well but since winter's on the way that doesn't really help. One thing you can try, which might be harder since you don't live together, is collectively save up all your bottles and cans and then use your bottle depot money to have your date (find an ice cream place or something!). We like theme nights too, cook a meal and pick a movie/game related to that theme. Oh and sign up for groupon cause we've had some sweet cheap dates from that.

CASSIE said...

-Take turns having a chore day @ each other's homes. Combine cleaning supplies, and wear your grubbies. Scrub each others house down top to bottom. Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Kitchen, Livingroom, etc. Every nook and cranny that gets neglected on a regular basis. Nothing like a "fresh" environment for Back to School too ;)

-Do volunteer work together Ie) Garbage pick up in a Park, Serve @ Soup Kitchen, Visit the Elderly @ Seniors Centre, Read stories to Kids @ the Children's Hospital, Work in an Animal Shelter, Yard Work for a Family member, etc. Summer is over, so there are lots of needs for those who could use a "Pick Me Up" that don't normally get it in the year.

-Photo Scavenger Hunt from A-Z using City Transit. Write up your list before hand... See how close you can keep to it.

-Thrift Store Gifts for each other. $5 per person... Stretch it as far as possible, and as random as Possible- or using "Inside Jokes" as a theme for purchases.

-Walmart Shopping Game: 1 cart each, 5 minutes, and using the "honor code" switch carts, and put EVERYTHING back where it goes in the store on another time limit, with a meeting spot. Loser treats Winner with a Treat of Choice. Great as a Double Date. Couple against Couple.

-Buy Dollar Store Crayons, Colouring Books, and Snacks. Doodle and people watch in the Park.

-Iron Chef Night/Double Date @ someone's home. Girls against Guys- buying each others ingredients with $10 for each team. Everyone feasts after.

-Write a 15 minute script. Dress up in your FANCIEST clothes, and film your script, making a home made old fashioned SILENT movie. Edit on the computer if able. Black and White and or Add Lib, Music, etc.

-"Drive In Disney Movie." Paint your own cardboard car, and sit in it while watching your favorite DVD in the living room. Microwave popcorn and homemade smoothies.

-Heart Attack your Bishopbric Members/Family front doors quietly. Use construction paper hearts and balloons, and drop off homemade cookies. Thank them for their service with a homemade card.

-Modge Podge Collage activity. Cut and Glue pictures/words etc. from flyers or magazines ie) Old Ensigns/New Eras, Vintage Books, Cooking Subscripions etc. about things that represent yourself. Hang it on your Fridge as a daily inspiration.

-Carpool with Friends/Split Gas $$, and do Baptisms @ the Temple. Everyone brings their own bag lunch to eat on the Grounds after.

-Google "Minute to Win it" Games. Great for a Group setting. Potluck dinner or Desserts.

-Look up local Community School Plays or Music Concerts coming up for the Fall/Winter. Go and support the Arts for students you don't know. Buy a single rose and present it to your favorite "Star" after wards. Make their opening night a great one.

... Just recalling some gooders, back in my Dating Days ;)

Hope that helps!!!?? ♥