Saturday, November 12, 2011

Proper introduction

I realized this week that I haven't introduced you to Christopher properly. So, I thought I would share a little bit about the man that I spend so much of my time with.
Chris will be twenty-three is December. In fact, we are exactly six months apart. He loves alfredo sauce, apple juice, McDonald's (still don't understand that one) and ice cream (that I understand). He served his mission in Lubbock, Texas and returned home last August. He is currently attending SAIT in the IT program with a major in Networking. He's a super brainiac when it comes to anything involving technology. Christopher is a really ambitious, but pretty laid back guy. He's not one to worry too much about things he can't control, so I feel he balances we out well that way. Chris loves movies, especially Transformers and Disney movies. In fact, you can often catch us singing along to our favourite Disney songs (usually Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast or The Lion King) in the car, or whilst cooking dinner. Chris also works at Shaw as a Technical Service Rep (I think that's what TSR stands for...). 
Chris just really likes to have a good time. He doesn't have a very quiet laugh, which I kind of love. I like being able to tell when he finds something funny. He even laughs at my jokes too, so I think he's a keeper in that respect. 
Christopher is also one of the sweetest people I know. He is super thoughtful and always willing to do whatever he can to help. 
That's a really brief description, I know. But, a figured a short one is better than nothing. 


Amber said...

Cute! Was he the one I saw you holding hands with on campus a month ago? If he wasn't this could be awkward haha! I'm glad you've found someone wonderful.

juliane2004 said...

That's a great photo of him!

I'm so glad you two are happy. You seem really great for each other. :)

And I'm really sorry for stepping out of line a few months ago. I hope you and I are okay.

child of the universe said...

i wish i could've met him a little better at the concert! next time i will surely serenade him with a disney ballad...

M said...

Nice to finally 'meet' Chris!