Friday, March 08, 2013


Usually, I learn my life lessons from running, but yesterday, yoga was my teacher. After a series of gruelling crescent lunges and some shake inducing boat poses, I was so ready for savasana (the final resting pose). As we prepared to settle into savasana, my instructor talked about giving ourselves permission to just let go, and do nothing. She said that we had earned it. It was true. I worked really hard, doing my very best and persevering when I thought my muscles would break. I had earned a rest.
My next thought was about life in general. We go through hard times every day. Some trials last a minute, some last decades. And there are times that we may want to just give up and let our muscles quit, because it's too overwhelming, and we can't take it. But you can't do that. The problems will still be there, and you still have to deal with them. Savasana doesn't come until the end. And when it does come, and you know you've earned it, it's a wonderful feeling.


lauren said...

beautiful, thoughtful post. so glad to have read this today!

M said...

My instructor says the same thing, I bawled the first time. So glad you enjoy it! Great analogy there as well.